Brown and Red Rice with Avocado, Black Beans and Broccoli

A delicious and super healthy one pot dish.  The broccoli lightly steams over the rice conserving nutrients and adding bite to the soft rice and beans.  A zingy and garlicky spicy dressing brings the whole thing together.

Avocado and Broccoli Rice

Ingredients serves 2

150 ml (5.25 fluid ounces) brown rice (use a liquid measuring jug to ensure the correct volume of liquid or use the US cup method to have twice to the volume of liquid to rice)

50 ml (1.75 fluid ounces) red rice

a few dried mushrooms

a one inch (2 and 1/2cm) piece of ginger, minced

a large garlic clove, minced

a green chilli, finely chopped

100g (3 and 1/2 ounces) broccoli florets, sliced vertically

100g (3 and 1/2 ounces) chestnut mushrooms, sliced

100g (3 and 1/2 ounces) black beans drained and rinsed

2 tablespoons of toasted sesame oil

the juice of half a lime

2 tablespoons of finely chopped red onion

a tablespoon of soy sauce

a teaspoon of agave nectar

salt and pepper

a medium ripe avocado


Soak the dried mushrooms in a 100ml (3.5 fluid ounces) of hot water.  Add half of the garlic and ginger to the water.

Rinse the rice and put it in a lidded saucepan with 200ml (7 fluid ounces) of salted water and bring to the boil.  Add the dried mushrooms and the soaking liquid to the pot, reduce to a simmer, put the lid on and simmer for 15 minutes

For the dressing put the remaining garlic and ginger in a bowl or jar with the soy sauce, lime juice, agave nectar, chopped chilli, red onion and toasted sesame oil.  Add some black pepper, a pinch of salt and shake or stir

After the rice has been simmering for 15 minutes put the broccoli pieces on top, followed by the mushrooms and then the black beans.  Put the lid back on and simmer on the lowest heat for a further 10 minutes.  Check that the rice is cooked and then using a large serving spoon carefully lift the ingredients a couple of times to mix the vegetables through

Serve topped with the dressing and diced avocado over the top