Marinated Tofu and Palm Heart Salad with Quinoa

Light, zingy, tasty and healthy.  Marinate the tofu for up to a couple of hours or the day before for maximum flavour.  Perfect for the hot weather!

Ingredients for two

a red chilli

a green chilli

400g (14 ounces) of firm tofu

a one inch (2 1n a 1/2cm) piece of ginger

a clove of garlic

a tablespoon of soy sauce

the juice of half a lime

a teaspoon of rice wine vinegar

a 410g (14 ounce) can of palm hearts (net weight 220g/8 ounces)

200g (7 ounces) of broccoli

a handful of frozen peas

3 spring onions

100ml (3 and a1/2 fluid ounces) of quinoa

a teaspoon of sesame oil

a tablespoon of olive oil

salt and pepper

a couple of handfuls of seasonal salad leaves and sesame seeds to serve (optional)


For the tofu:-

Put the tofu in a colander with a plate and something heavy on the top and allow to drain in the sink for 10 minutes or so

Finely chop the red chilli, the green chilli, the ginger and the garlic clove

Pat the tofu dry and cut into one inch (2 and a 1/2cm) cubes and put in a food container (that has a lid)

Scrape on the chillies, ginger and garlic and add the tablespoon of soy sauce, the teaspoon of rice wine vinegar and the juice of half a lime.  Carefully toss the cubes in the marinade and put in the fridge for 2 to 24 hours turning the container upside down occasionally (only do this if its water tight, otherwise toss with a spoon!)

For the quinoa:-

Boil double the volume of salted water for the quinoa (200ml or 7 fluid ounces) in a small lidded pan, once boiled add the quinoa and cook for 10 minutes on a moderate heat, after 5 minutes adding the broccoli cut into florets and the handful of frozen peas). Then let stand for 5 to 10 minutes with the lid on while the salad is assembled.

Drain the palm hearts and cut into one inch (2 and 1/2cm) batons and do the same with the spring onions slicing them on a slight diagonal.  Mix these into the tofu container with the tablespoon of olive oil and the teaspoon of sesame oil to make a great dressing.  Season with salt and pepper

Serve the marinated tofu along with the vegetable quinoa and salad leaves.  Drizzle some of the dressing on top and sprinkle with sesame seeds (optional)

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